MP3 Player for Wallet

By Richard Menta 1/3/07

Digital music portables get smaller and smaller as the technology, particularly battery and memory technology, shed girth. Walletex has announced the first interesting player of the new year with a razor thin unit that can litterally slide into the credit card slot in your wallet.

The Walletex Wallet, named we guess so no one misses the obvious point, will be offered in capacities ranging from 128MB to 2GB of memory. Otherwise it is a basic portable sans display. Walletex says that the unit can be produced with a custom graphic on the faceplate, strongly suggesting that the company is aiming this player mostly at the promotional item market. In other words your player could have Tony the Tiger on it and cost you 5 box tops + S&H. The Walletex won't be released until June of 2007, plenty of time for the corporate sales department to order a few for conferences with the company logo on it.

Walletex Wallet MP3 player

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