Finis Updates SwiMP3 with Version 2

By Richard Menta 1/28/07

Back in October 2004 we reviewed the SwiMP3, an MP3 player designed for the swimming pool. For those who think this was designed for fatuous homeowners just looking for an unusual toy for the pool think again. The SwiMP3 is for athletes and the health conscious who regularly do laps around the pool, a great way to get in shape, but one that can be monotonous in large doses. In our review we found that the original SwiMp3 did a fine job of relieving that monotony thanks to the use of bone conduction to transmit the music to the brain under all that water.

SwiMP3 v2

Nearly three years later Finis has come up with an update to that original water portable. The SwiMP3 V2 works the same as V1, but streamlines things a bit by incorporating the player's electronics within the cheekphones themselves. Finis has bumped up the memory, but oddly only to 256MB from the original's 128MB. To be honest, we thought 256MB was light back in 2004 when we reviewed the first model. With flash memory prices significantly down since then it is a little surprising the memory was only boosted to one quarter of a gig. The price has dropped to $199, making this player a must have for any kid on the high school swim team.

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