iTunes Starbucks Giveaway

By Richard Menta 9/12407

In an effort to jump start sales of Apple's iTunes WiFi store's partnership with Starbuck the two companies announced a huge downloads giveaway. Starting October 2nd and running until November 7th the Starbucks will offer patrons up to 50 million free download cards that they can redeem at the iTunes store. The iTunes giveaway will shoot for 1.5 million tracks a day during the run of the promotion, though customer will have until the end of the year to actually redeem the cards.

The promotion is designed to go hand-in-hand with the Starbucks "Now Playing" feature. When an iPod touch or iPhone user enters a Starbucks a special icon will appear on the user's player. When activated it will display the name of the track playing at that particular Starbucks and users will be given the option to purchase that track from iTunes. iTunes is looking to Starbucks' so far successful foray into music sales as a way to diversify it music delivery strategy and reduce reliance on the major labels for music.

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