Sony B100 Series MP3 Portables to Kill ATRAC and SonicStage

By Richard Menta 1/28/07

It is definitely that time of year when manufacturers unveil their digital portables for the summer. Sony's latest, the B100 series, deserves particular notice. According to ATRACLife, this servies will be shipped sans SonicStage, Sony's file transfer application that is the bane of all previous Sony players.

Sony B100 Series

But that's not all. ATRACLife also says that the Sony B100 series won't support the ATRAC format, Sony's proprietary codec and competitor to the MP3, WMA and AAC formats. Very interesting news should this all prove true. Expect this portable to carry all three of those alternate formats, particularly AAC which iTunes will begin selling soon without DRM. The B100s will carry capacities from 1GB to 4GB, offer FM tuners that can record from broadcast on some models, and will ship this May. No word of pricing yet.

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