Sony Rolly MP3 Player Dances

By Richard Menta 9/10/07

The Sony Rolly is definitely a unique beast for a digital audio player and that alone should garner it quite a bit of attention for the holiday season.

For those who haven't caught the YouTube video the egg-shaped Sony Rolly dances to the tunes you are playing on it. Well a sort of a dance/roll/flap series of motions that at times seem like absolute folly and at other times like creative fun. The way the Sony Rolly gyrates across the floor implies a certain degree of sophistication of what is essentially a music driven robotic. You have to give it points for that as not every robot has to vacume the floor while it slides across it. The green lighting touches are kind of cool to watch and that is the type of toy that can keep the under 14 audience mesmorized - at least until they get bored and move onto the next toy.

Sony Rolly MP3 Player

OK, so what does the Sony Rolly have once we get beyond the fact it can spin like a top. The Rolly comes with 1GB of memory and has built-in Bluetooth (as wired speakers aren't exactly going to work while the Rolly is twisting about your kitchen floor). There are two external stereo speakers that also pump out the tunes. Battery life is rated at five hours.

The cost for the Sony Rolly is a steep $350, though if there was an Apple logo on this thing it would sell like hotcakes during the holiday season. Sony ain't drawing that brand power anymore, at least for its portable digital player line. With a price drop though, the quirky Rolly has enough kitch culture appeal to be both a hot, though probably short-lived, christmas toy as well as a pop culture trivia question in the year 2019.

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