MP3 Player Cures...Pimples?

By Richard Menta 9/26/07

Everytime we run out iPod Killers for Summer/Christmas series we include one or two oddity players, but this one... Well, here is an MP3 player where after you jam to a few tunes you apply the body of the portable to your face to remove those - unsightly blemishes.

The Pimple Player (yes, that's its name) turns out to be a a pretty spartan unit as an MP3 player with a pathetically tiny 128MB of capacity. That was OK in 2004, but not with 2008 just around the corner. Oh, and do you really think rubbing this thing along your jaw is going to make your pimples go away? The Pimple MP3 Player retails for a very expensive $181.

The Pimple Player

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