Panasonic Bluetooth MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 8/30/07

In the past Panasonic's idea of an MP3 player is about as interesting as the monikers they attach to their portables. So what should we expect from the Panasonic SV-SD950N? Well, first off the bat is that this unit has bluetooth capability, a compelling feature that will allow users to ditch the earbuds in the photo for a pair of wireless headphones, particularly those you use for your mobile phone (hence the tiny phone icon in the photo). Otherwise, it is the same bland unit as its bluetooth deficient predecessor. 1GB of memory in the SD card slot, AAC, MP3 and WMA capability, four line OLED display and two color choices, black or white. In its favor the unit does claim a healthy 60-hour battery life, though that is probably with the bluetooth off, and it comes with noise-cancelling headphones as part of the package, another plus. But is it competitive at the $219 list price? Maybe, but that is still pricey for a 1GB audio-only player, bluetooth or not.

Panasonic SV-SD950N

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