MP3 Music Pen

By Richard Menta 3/17/07

When I caught this little MP3 player shaped like a pen off of Aving, it reminded me of Sony's first digital music portable, the Sony Vaio Music Clip. I called that player a Parker pen on steroids when it was first released in 1999, though that unit didn't actually write.

Eight years later Korean-based Wing Inter is introducing it's version, which does have an actual ball point pen inside of it. Dubbed the N007PEN, a sterile moniker if there ever was one, the unit rolls in a pen, voice recorder and audio player in one. Those particular featurs should prove most pragmatic for the office worker the unit targets.

Wing Inter N007PEN

Pulling the cap off unveils a USB connector for hooking to your PC. The N007PEN will be offered with memory ranging from 128MB to 2GB with prices running $104 to $209 respectively.

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