MP3 Player - Build Your Own With Music Box

By Richard Menta 7/9/07

When I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal a few years back on digital portables the reporter asked me at the end of our session what I saw in the future for MP3 players. I told her that if all went well they would become mundane products everyone took for granted. At that point basic units will be so affordable we will find them stuck in anything and everything.

Since then I have seen MP3 players placed in winter coats, sunglasses, sneakers, swim goggles, and even a child's teething ring for those who caught the Peapod MP3 Player in our latest rundown of summer portables. Want an MP3 portable stuck is something else, but it is not yet available?

SolidAlliance just released the Music Box, a 266MB self-contained portable designed for the do it yourself type just aching for an MP3 Microwave.

The Music Box actually plays MP3, WMA, and OGG files and comes with a set of earphones. The unit sells for $68.55, which frankly is a little expensive considering an iPod Shuffle for eleven dollars more is just as tiny and holds a gig of memory. Ideally, the unit would have an external speaker. If it did for that price I would consider putting one in my daughter's stuffed Grinch. As I have a CD of How the Grinch Stole Christmas I could rip that into the Music Box so it looks like stuffed Grinch is telling the story.

I can also see sticking one in an old Barbie doll so she can say "Math is Hard!" without having to pull a string from her back.

Music Box

Music Box added to stuffed toy and trinkets.

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