MPMan Blade MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 2/12/07

For those unfamilar with the history of digital music portables the first MP3 player was the MPMan F10. Introduced in 1998, a few months before the Diamond Rio, the unit was built by Korean manufacturer SaeHan Information Systems and imported to the US by Eiger Labs. The MPMan brand still exists and they just released their latest unit the Blade.

The MPMan Blade is another line of thin iPod nano competitors with a 1.5" color display to show photos and videos. The unit will be available with either 1GB or 2GB of storage and battery life is listed as 12 hours for audio. The unit handles the MP3 / WMA /OGG audio codecs as well as Microsofts dying PlaysForSure format.

An FM tuner is listed as optional on the MPMan site, suggesting that the tuner is integrated in an optional set of headphones. Otherwise, the MPMan Blade is a pretty Spartan unit, very much like the ground breaking F10, which preceeded it. No pricing has been set for the player yet. As always, the MPMan brand has marginal exposure here in the states and is mostly sold in Europe these days.

MPMan Blade


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