Ecodigital Unveils Windup PMP

By Richard Menta 8/11/07

For those who are fed up with the short battery times on some digital portables or who learned the hard way that the lithium-ion battery in your iPod has a half-life of two years this player may be for you - assuming you don't mind using a little muscle.

Windup radio inventor Trevor Baylis has joined forces with Ecodigital to release a windup portable media player. According to Baylis - who placed his John Hancock on the unit mind you - the Ecodigital PMP offers 40 minutes of playtime per minute of cranking with a maximum capacity of 20 hours. Not bad for the tree huggers among you. The 2 GB unit had an SD slot, FM tuner a 1.8" color screen and a healthy $344 price tag. It ships mid-August.

Ecodigital PMP

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