RIAA Wins $30K Default Judgement Against Santangelo

By Richard Menta 1/10/07

The details of the latest turn in Electra v. Santangelo are scant, but according to Ray Beckerman's site Recording Industry vs the People the plaintiff was awarded a thirty thousand dollar default judgement against Michelle Santangelo, the daughter of the original target of the suit Patti Santangelo. Slyck.com has posted what details there are so far, which include the order that Michelle pay $750 for each of the 41 songs she allegedly shared.

In a post on the Slyck forum, Beckerman suggested that the judgement has a chance of being vacated (voided), but without more information he was unable to speculate on why the default judgment was made or what chance the Santangelo's have in reversing it. We'll follow up on the story as more details arise.

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