MP3 Player That's a Crucifix

By Richard Menta 9/27/07

Here is something for that young American christian to wear around his or her neck as they walk to services on Sunday. If a crucifix is cool then a crucifix MP3 player has to be even cooler. I mean, if you have to wear something around your neck 24/7 why not something that can pump a few tunes out? And I foolishly believed Steve Jobs when he told me even God had an iPod.

The Crucifix MP3 player plays MP3 and WMA files, has an FM tuner with voice recording and gets 10 hours of playback on a single AAA battery.

No word yet on a Star of David MP3 player, but word is the company scratched a player molded in the image of Muhammad. Seems there was a jihad issue or something.

The Crucifix MP3 Player

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