Barbie MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 1/26/07

Adults may like their MP3 portables in white with matching earbuds, but as Disney has found out kids prefer players branded with Mickey Mouse ears. This has set off several manufacturers including SanDisk and Tomy to go after the under ten sect as an end around to the iPod's continued dominance. The latest entry is Mattel who is offering a Barbie branded MP3 player. The 512MB device will ship in July for $60 and offer an SD expansion slot and rechargeable batteries as part of the package.

Accessory packs are also offered for the players, kits that offer fashion add-ons (Barbie is known for her fashion sense) and exclusive online content. The latter is supported by a new site called, which allows your little girl and her new portable to enjoy a virtual world with virtual money to be earned and spent. I guess long gone are the days when you pull the string in your Barbie doll's back to hear why she has difficulty with math.

Barbie MP3 Player


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