Yamaha BODiBEAT MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 7/14/07

The Yamaha Body Beat - I'm sorry BODiBEAT (how 20th century am I) looks to challenge the Apple's Nike + iPod pairing for the hearts of runners. The BODiBEAT has a built in accelerometer that measures the runners speed and distance as well as a pulse monitor to make sure that heart rate stays within range. The BODiBEAT also collects this information so it can be analyzed on your home PC. The most interesting aspect of this Yamaha DAP is the fact that it can be set to autmatically select tunes whose beat matches the pace of the user's run. The price of this unit is a healthy $300, which makes it more costly than a 2GB nano with the $30 Nike option added. Yamaha also only puts 512MB in this unit, which is skimpy memory for a portable these days. The BODiBEAT will be released later this summer.


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