Archos 705 WiFi

By Richard Menta 9/18/07

For those who find that a 3" widescreen display is not enough here comes an updated monster from Archos that's the makes new top-of-the-line offering. Yep, that's a 7" touch-screen display with 800x480 resolution the Archos 705 is offering. Like the other Archos units the 705 handles MPEG-4 and WMV video, as well as the MP3, AAC and WMA on the audio side. A French player, the 705 handles SECAM as well as NTSC and PAL broadcast standards.

WiFi, of course, it the other key feature of this unit allowing users to connect online or to a nearby PC. Users can also connect the 705 wirelessly to the ARCHOS Content Portal . The Archos 705 is available with 80GB of space for $399 and with a 169GB drive for $499.

The Archos 705 Wi-Fi portable DVR is available on Amazon

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