Apple Settles with Apple

By Richard Menta 2/6/07

It looks like the great trademark battle between Apple Computer, now Apple, inc. and Beatles' label Apple corps. has come an end. The two companies announced that they settled their long-standing trademark dispute yesterday. The details remain confidential, but the two Apples said that it would give the iPod maker control of the trademark, leasing some of it back to Apple corps.

Now that the two corporations have bridged their disagreements it has set off another wave of rumors that the Beatles company will finally allow the music of John, Paul, George, and Ringo to be sold online as digital downloads. Apple inc. did comment in their announcement "We're certainly hopeful that we could add the Beatles' music to iTunes," said company spokeswoman Natalie Kerris. "But we don't have anything to announce about that today."

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Of course, Apple, inc. would rather drive such an acquisition through one of Steve Job's big marketing announcements so the tight-lipped company may only be biding its time for the right opportunity. It's quite possible the deal is already done, just waiting there in the Apple CEO's pocket.

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