AllofMP3 and AllTunes Claim Win in Russian Courts

By Richard Menta 7/16/07

Remember when the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) successfully lobbied Visa and Mastercard to block payments to (now operating under the and the recently re-opened MP3 URLs)? According to The Register AllofMP3/AllTunes parent MediaServices won its court case against Russian Visa agent Rosbank Visa for cutting them off from credit card users. According to the court, which ruled the blocking illegal “The court can try the case on the copyright infringement under the exceptional right holder suit. Neither IFPI, nor Visa are such right holders”. The court then told Visa that they must resume payments.

The news is a big win for MediaServices, though it is a belated one for, which was forced to close. There have been difficulties at the other sites too. Traffic to MP3Sparks showed strong consumer interest after AllofMP3's demise, but it had an unexplained shut down for almost two weeks before returning.

The decision also never got around to addressing the legaility of AllofMP3 and AllTunes under Russian law. Because neither the IFPI or Visa are the rights holders the Russian court never weighed in on the issue. Russia's CNews offers some more information on this.

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