Artist Must Remove Own Music From Site

By Russell McOrmond 6/14/06

I received the following notice from Jane Siberry about the music downloads at Sheeba records. It should remind musicians why it is so important to retain copyright of your work, and be very careful about the continuous attempts by intermediaries to take control of your music away from you.

Jane has been using the very successful self-determined pricing where her fans pick the monitory value of the music when they pay. (Note that all but 8% pay at or above the suggested price, statistics that show that the major labels are wrong about trusting music fans to pay for music!)

Russell McOrmond

As of July 5th, 2006, I will be removing all the songs from 'When I Was A Boy' and 'Maria' from my website. As this enforcement is coming from the publishing end, these songs cannot be available on any other recordings either, therefore the removal will extend to:

Calling All Angels (millenium version)
Caravan (live verson on 'child')
An Angel Stepped Down (live version on 'child')

As you know, these two recordings have only been available when you CHOOSE THE CANADA OPTION as our goal was to set up the website in accordance to our contractual obligations.

I am puzzling over this greatly, trying to find a win-win for both the publisher and myself. They are entirely within their rights. I have been very careful, since taking over my business dealings, to only enter into liasons that were win-win reflecting the consciousness of the new millenium, to the best of my ability. How did 'forever' ever get into these old contracts? Gasp of the old empire.

onwards and upwards.
more later.

best wishes,
Jane Siberry


Russell McOrmond, the editor of Digital Copyright Canada, is an independent author (software and non-software) who uses modern business models and licensing (Free/Libre and Open Source Software, Creative Commons).


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