Sony Mylo

By Richard Menta 8/12/06

Mylo stands for My Life OnLine and it is yet another product of uber-convergence. It's a digital audio/video player with WiFi that operates as a Skype phone, Web browser and text messanger. Nice mix of stuff, but the real question will be does the Mylo mix it all well?

The Mylo is 802.11b wireless capable, so if you find a neighbor with an unencrypted hotspot you are ready to go. Of course, if he is running 802.11g, your Mylo will slow his connection down to "b" speeds, which is quite a bit slower. But hey, the whole point of this thing is that you are on the move and you have to grab Net access anyway you can! Anyway, your teens still have the skinny thumbs to IM on that tiny pad and if the 2.4 inch color LCD is as sharp as Sony's PSP you should have no problems with the MPEG-4 video you can play on its screen. The Mylo will sell for $350 and ships in September with 1GB of memory.

Sony Mylo

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