Pirate Party Releases Election Manifesto

By Richard Menta 8/30/06

It's funny how something so specific as copyright law can launch a valid political party and an election campaign. But the Pirate Party of Sweden has done just that, a party that has risen in popularity to a point that Sweden's other parties are stealing cues from their copyright stance. Now the group has released a manifesto, which maps out the organization's political program.

TorrentFreak has posted the introduction of the 15 page document translated in English. "The right to privacy is a corner stone in an open and democratic society", says the manifesto. "Each and everyone has the right to respect for one’s own private and family life, one’s home and one’s correspondence. If the constitutional freedom of information is to be more than empty words on a paper, we much defend the right for protected private communication".

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The manifesto then points to the entertainment industry who they state wish to control the distribution of its content by putting monitors on all private communication.

We are in the process of reviewing the manifesto and will make further comments once the entire document is translated and released.

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