Venue Worker Snaps Banner for iPod Widescreen?

By Richard Menta 9/11/06

You always have to take the pics that appear on the Net with a grain of salt, so it won't be until tomorrow when we can confirm if the banner to the right is legit. If it is we are witnessing the first look in the wild of the iPod Widescreen player. A few days ago we laid out the chances of over a dozen rumors coming to fruition and the Widescreen/Touchscreen iPod already was a strong 2:1 shot. This shot, supposedly taken by a Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater venue worker (union boys so Apple could never take their jobs), almost improves the odds to a sure thing. But remember, the only sure thing is that there are no sure things. Favorites fade and long-shots come in the money. We'll see tomorrow.

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