MP3 Player Gives Massage

By Richard Menta 9/17/06

We heve seen MP3 portables that can fit in your Nikes, work underwater, and are even incased in gold plating. But to give you a massage? Say hello to the OSIM iGoGo. This little unit comes to us courtesy of CNET who describe this little unit as "that hottie MP3 player". We say, when Marshall McLuhan said the Media is the Massage that was just a sly take off of his own catch phrase Medium is the Message. Who knew someone would take him literally?

The iGoGo is a simple 128MB flash unit that that can perform acts that are not so simple. It comes with two hydro-gel pads that talk to the player via an RF connection. The pads vibrate to the thump, thump, thump of whatever trance tune you are listening too. It gets better as the user can purchase additional gel pads so others to your tunes. For the innocent that means a relaxing shoulder massage with your best friend while tunes jam to whatever speaker system you have plugged the iGoGo into. For those not so innocent, well, god bless you.

Otherwise, the iGoGo is a very simple unit, offering and MMC slot to upgrade the skimpy memory by today's standards. The unit is priced at a very expensive $400.


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