MP3 Newswire Celebrates Eight Years

By Richard Menta 12/11/06

This is just a little notice that MP3 Newswire turns eight years old this month. It was in December 1998 that the site was first posted under the domain as a news aggregation site for articles focused on digital music. It was initially conceived that way as I was focused at the time on my own humor news site called the MentaNet News. Very quickly MP3 Newswire became the source of original articles and as the site grew my writing shifted away from the MentaNet News, now closed though it still exists on the Internet Archive.

In 1999 the domain was acquired - domain squatters grabbed the .com URL to my naive surprise - and the site grew. If you are interested in details of the earlier years I covered that here three years ago to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the site.

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