iPod to Get Digital Radio via BBC

By Richard Menta 8/14/06

Digital Audio Broadcast or DAB is the new radio scheme overseas that sources like the BBC already broadcast content over. The problem is the technology is not as ubiquitous as the old shortwave technology in British homes so the BBC has come up with a novel idea to spur its adoption. The details are scant, but the BBC announced that it will soon release an add-on for MP3 players like the market dominant iPod that will allow portable users to receive DAB broadcasts. Said a BBC Spokesperson "We have a duty to make sure digital radio is relevant and clearly portable MP3 players are a massive area of growth."

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The plan is as strong one as owners of digital audio portables are always on the lookout for the next "killer" feature. Unfortunately, those of us here in the States will have to wait for someone else to bring digital radio functionality to our portables. The reason is because the US does not use the DAB standards adopted by the rest of the world. Instead, the US market and government selected the HD Radio standard. Pity, it would have been great to be able to use the digital video and audio broadcast toys already shipping in Asia. There are a lot of radio stations broadcasting in HD Radio, though, and they have begun a big marketing push to bring it to the American public. If the BBC device is a success, someone will no doubt release a new iPod accessory to tap into this content.

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