Crayola Launches MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 11/28/06

Disney's line of MP3 players are a success, even if they are no iPod killers. That's because their target audience, which is the under 10 crowd, is more drawn by Mickey Mouse ears on their players rather than WiFi. This success is drawing other makers to also release MP3 portables, those who likewise target the young. The latest is Crayola.

Simple dubbed the Crayola MP3 Player, the unit is a blessedly simple affair that runs on a common AAA battery, holds 256MB of built-in memory plus an SD slot for expansion, and has two headphone jacks so the kiddies can share in the listening experience. The player also comes with both a set of earbuds and headphones, in matching colors, natch. This player is now shipping for $50.

The Crayola MP3 Player

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