Zune Site Offers First Peripherals

By Richard Menta 11/3/06

With a little over a week to go before Microsoft releases Zune the company knows that to compete it will need to spark the peripheral market if it wishes to compete with the iPod. Microsoft's Zune.net site went live yesterday to get the hype started on the units opening salvo of accessories.

The accesories themselves are the pretty basic fare that allow users to listen to the player with convenience from car and home stereo system. This includes docks, FM transmitters, speaker units and an array of carry cases. In other words all of the best selling accessory products that have helped the iPod become a cash cow for Apple. The site is of course filled with an array of hipster twenty-somethings, because MS has to sell that cool factor. You can't buy any of these item yet, you'll have to wait until the official Zune launch, but you can look at the pretty pictures if the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog isn't enough for you.

The big question is will users embrace the socially connecting Zune-toZune wireless? If they do - and grassroot hacking expands its the capabilities like it has for the Sony PSP - Microsoft may make a fair run of it.

Zune accessories

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