Don't Download This Song Says Weird Al

By Richard Menta 8/22/06

Not long ago Weird Al let it be known that the very record industry that says it is out to search and destroy file sharing so artists like him would get paid, has failed to pay him a fair revenue generated from his music on iTunes. "THE RECORDING industry is using online sales to screw artists for more cash" the Inquirer quoted Al. Now Al is striking back in the way he knows best...

Al's latest song titled "Don't Download This Song" is now available - as a free MP3 download. Posted on his MySpace site the parody's title sounds like a plea to file sharers, but in reality it is a savvy shot against the record industry.

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Sample lyric? "'Cause you'll start out stealing songs/but then you're robbing liquor stores and selling crack and running over school kids with your car/So don't download this song/The record store's where you belong."

So download Don't Download This Song. It is DRM free in the MP3 format, which means it can be played on every player including the iPod, a statement in itself. Do it. Even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong.

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