Sirius Stiletto 100, Live Satellite Portable Released

By Richard Menta 8/16/06

Back in June Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin flashed what looked like a tiny portable and announced it as the first digital audio player with a built-in satellite receiver. That portable now has a name as the Sirius Stiletto 100 hit the front cover of the Crutchfield catalog before the official announcement.

Priced at $399 the Stilletto will be able to store 100 hours of programming, which has pundits figuring it has 2GB of memory. The unit handles MP3 and PlaysForSure WMA tracks (the latter format possibly on its last legs now that Microsoft is shifting to the closed architecture and format its Zune offering will bring). The Stiletto is also WiFi enabled and runs on two rechargeable batteries. Those batteries will give the user 22 hours of recorded playback listening, though live satellite listening requires more power and limits the unit to only 4 hours of air time. The Stiletto has a timer that can schedule 100 shows in advance. The available dock kit for the home will power the unit for recording up to 6 hour blocks of Sirius content. The home kit also adds an FM transmitter to play the Stiletto through the home receiver.

Sirius Stiletto 100

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