Sirius to Throw Live Satellite Portable at iPod Generation

By Richard Menta 8/2/06

Is this the end of the dock for portable satellite radio players? Reuters is reporting that Sirius will soon launch a "personal live satellite radio product". By that we mean a portable player that can receive broadcast directly from the sky rather than have to hitch to a stationary docking unit that works more like a radio VCR. Dubbed the Stilletto the new satellite player will ship to stores later this August.

"Our personal live satellite radio product, Stiletto, is great," Sirius CEO Mel Karamazin stated on a conference call to the press. "We have been beta testing it for a few weeks and we will have it available to consumers by the end of the summer."

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So I guess Mel Karmazin decided not to wait for an Apple deal and build the iPod Satellite. Of course, with all of those iPod competitors looking for an edge to gain market traction look for other MP3 makes to add satellite radio reception. All of this may get extra interesting. Mobile Magazine picked up Karmazin's comment on satellite video delivery. "We are close to signing deals to offer the best video programming for kids as part of our OEM offering in the second half of the year." Satellite video service is another compelling feature for the likes of Archos, Creative, iRiver and others to add to their portables to trump Apple's iTunes service with.

Our iPod Killers for Christmas series might provide extra fun later this year. Considering we have run hundreds of new MP3 players in that Summer/Christmas series and have YET to find one portable that can hit double digit market share against the iPod says it all.

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