MPIO Intros Two New MP3 Players

By Richard Menta 10/4/06

Why make everything look like an iPod when there are so many shapes in the world. MPIO has released the wedge-shaped FL500, a 0.86 ounce player that offers an FM tuner, standard WMA/MP3 support, a three-line display and - what do you know, good ol' analog switches. The unit offers 1GB and 2GB of memory and will retail for $100/$126 respectively.

For those who need to stay with four perpendicular sides MPIO has also introduced the MPIO FY800. This unit is a little more iPod nanoish with the addition of an SD slot to allow users to add to the unit's onboard memory. Like the FL500, the FY800 offers 1GB and 2GB of memory, but at the prices slightly lower. Figure on paying $79 and $100 for an FY800. More pictures of the two portables can be seen here.

MPIO FL500 Wedge and FY800

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The 8GB Sansa e280 is available on Amazon

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