Latest MP3 Player From LG

By Richard Menta 7/25/06

The off-kilter shape of the latest LG DAP announcement can't help but remind us of a smoother lined version of the Siren Edge, a digital music portable released this summer by Rio alumns (or is it refugees?) Gil Miller and Kevin Brannagan.

Outside of its shape the LG MFFM20 is a fairly basic player. The unit comes in 1GB and 512MB capacities so figure a sub $125 unit. The player offers an FM tuner and PlaysforSure DRM support, the latter which may eventually become the stepchild of Microsoft's upcoming Zune rights management scheme. There is an OLED screen and a promise of 20 hours battery life. Give LG credit for trying to establish an visually interesting line of portables in its first summer in this iPod-dominated market.


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