MP3 Player Also Plays...Cassettes?

By Richard Menta 8/13/06

The beer barreled shaped NafNaf Hyp MP3 player is certainly interesting to look at, but in this case that is not the most unusual feature of the unit. The NafNaf also combines old technology with the new, namely it is an MP3/CD/Cassette player. Yup cassettes. Now as someone who still has a sizeable collection of music on that rattling technology this is actually a useful feature for us folk over 30. This would be especially true if the Hyp could allow users to conventiently transfer that precious mix tape to digital technology. Unfortunately, there is nothing that says the Hyp uses flash memory or a drive, let alone has record capabilities. Street price will be about $150.

At 10 inches in diameter the Hyp seems designed for the side table next to the bed, thanks to the inclusion on an alarm clock. The unit plays both standard and MP3-laden CDs and has a remote.

NafNaf Keg

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