Football Helmet MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 9/1/06

People will buy all sorts of junk with their favorite team's logo on it, so why not an MP3 player? It certainly has more uses than bobble-head toys. According to Gizmodo tailgaters can now jam to their favorite tunes with one of 50 major college team helmets cradled in their palm.

These players will retail for a C-note and include 1GB of memory and an FM tuner so it can be used to follow the play-by-play action in the stands. The player also has a small OLED display and as the photo on the right shows the unit is fairly diminuative. Gizmodo does not share who the manufacturer is, but they were probably commissioned by an American college bookstore distributor.

Of course, MP3 players are the perfect tool to isolate you from the crowd around you. So why not use it to isolate yourself at a large social gathering where alum get together to embellish on old moldy stories?

Football Helmet MP3

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