New MP3 Players From Disney

By Richard Menta 9/20/06

If anyone has any doubts about Disney focusing so much of its electronic product efforts on small children realize that the company's first branded MP3 player, the Mix Stick, sold out before the end of the last holiday season. Now that the company has again confirmed the power of its brand Disney is introducing its first personal media player.

Dubbed the Mix Max, the unit has a 2.2" display but video is only displayed in a lower quality 220 x 176 resolution. On the back of each player is an embossed graphic of one of three Disney characters including Tinkerbell, Cheetah Girls and Forever Princess. What makes these choices interesting is that it suggests that young girls are a specific target of Disney. It's very possibly Disney found that they were the predominate buyer of its Mix Stick player.

Disney Mix Max

The Mix Max only comes with 512MB of memory to keep the price low, but it has an expandable memory slot. That expandable slot takes pre-loaded video content from Disney called Mix Max Clips. This will include music videos and clips from Disney TV programs. Feature length films will also be offered.

The Mix Max will sell for $100 and it will be accompanied by a updated version of the Mix Stick. The new Mix Stick is bumped up to 512MB and will retail for $50. "With the Disney Mix Stick, we proved that kids were ready for digital music," said Disney Electronics VP Chris Heatherly in a com pany press release. "The plug-and-play experience also proved to be a winning feature for parents who welcomed the idea of not having to download music for their kids. We saw an opportunity to do for video what the Mix Stick did for audio -- make it accessible, easy, and designed for kids with a unique sense of personal style."

Disney is also unveiling the Mix Micro, a $20 player with 128MB of memory. Amazining that twnty dollar price point. One can't help, but think about the old days - a whole 5 years ago - when a portable with half the memory of the Mix Micro cost ten times more.

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