Creative Zen V Plus Hits 8GB

By Richard Menta 9/30/06

Hey, if Apple can perform minor updates on the iPod and feel confident that's enough for now, so can Creative. The company has updated the Zen V Plus to reflect a bump in capacity to 8GB, keeping it in competition with SanDisk and Apple for the largest capacity MP3 player.

The Zen V still has a 1.5 inch display to show flicks and navigate through the tunes. It also has the standard Creative fare of FM tuner, voice recorder, in-line connection and PlaysForSure support. If any of those features are important to you then the Creative players are always a better buy than their equivalent iPod brethren. Of course, being the oldest surviving MP3 player brand (RIP American Eiger Labs, Rio, Sensory Science, and iJam) hasn't helped this player in the cool factor the iPod enjoys so the term better buy is clearly subjective. The Zen V will be available late fall for $279, slightly more than the iPod and Microsoft's upcoming Zune, which announced price cuts before it was even released.

Creative Zen V Plus 8GB

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