Cisco to Offer Personal Electronics

By Jon Newton 1/18/06

Companies such as Sony and Samsung will soon be facing a dangerous new rival.

Networking equipment giant Cisco says it's planning to move into mainstream consumer electronics to make radios, stereos, phones and home theatre equipment, says the Financial Times.

Changing requirements from consumers for devices that can link to the internet are offering Cisco, "an opportunity to enter a new market," the story has Charles Giancarlo, chief development officer at Cisco and head of the company's Linksys home networking division, saying.

Jon Newton

"Consumer electronics companies have been able to compete on a stand-alone device, but the dynamics of the market are changing, " he told the FT. "The Internet and new networking requirements are enough of a disruptor for us to enter a new market."

What might the new range of Cisco products look like? ZDNet's Russell Shaw has three ideas:

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