Archos 404, 504 and 604 Personal Media Players

By Richard Menta 8/27/06

Archos has unveiled its latest line of player and the units definitely offer a compelling array of features, in line with the company's roadmap that it released a few months back. The Archos 404 offers a 3.5-inch standard aspect ratio display with 30GB of storage and ships for $300. The Archos 604, pictured at right, is a pretty big 4.3 inch wide-screen unit that also sports a 30GB drive, but weighs in at slightly over half a pound. Offering WiFI capability, the Archos 604 will cost you $350.

But the big news is the Archos 504. A PMP with a 160GB hard drive. The details are still a little slim on the 504, but we suspect by the lower model number that it will be a high octane version of the 404 (suggesting larger drive version of the 604 is on the horizon). We can't be sure until Archos releases the specs though, it could be another design altogether. All units will require a separate docking station to record off the TV.

Archos 604 PMP is available on Amazon

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