By Richard Menta 8/17/06

Update - Aug 18, 6:20 am EST: is back up and running, so it looks like it was indeed nothing more than a technical issue.

I knew something was up when I checked my site statistics this afternoon and found that traffic to a story I wrote on last July was receiving over twenty times the usual readership. A look at the site as of this writing shows that the troubled Russian download site was offline. Instead, it said "We are sorry but the server is too busy and cannot service your request. Please try to reload this page a little later".

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Now, usually this means nothing more than what was stated, implying a server reconfig or replacement during low traffic hours. But is coming up to a very special date that suggests there may be more going on. On September 1st an amendment to Russian copyright law goes into effect. When that happens will need to change, requiring it to come to some direct agreement with the worldwide record industry - an industry that right now looks like it will refuse to license under any terms..

Could there be more here? Could this be a sign that is changing? Is it going to disappear? Until we learn more no one can say. It is probably nothing more than a technical issue. But that date - only two weeks away - is nagging me. The site is encouraging users to download the latest version of their AllTunes if that means anything. When we learn more we'll update everyone.

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