14 Million iPods Served

By Richard Menta 1/10/06

Among the myriad of Apple announcements yesterday the one that stood out for me was the company's claim that it sold 14 million iPods this past quarter. To put it in perspective that number is more than double Apple's previous best quarter. It is almost double the 8 million MP3 players that Creative Technologies chief executive Sim Wong Hoo said his company would sell. This number was above the 7 to 9 million figure pundits predicted Apple would sell for the holidays.

Impressive numbers indeed.

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But the joy does not stop there as Apple has grown the market further than most expected. A healthy part of this drive comes from the video-enabled iPod, which has spurred the sale of millions of TV episodes and music videos to date. French company Archos invented the first personal media player back in 2001, the year the iPod first appeared. Until this fall it was a small niche in the overall portable player market, but Apple has changed that.

Within the next year I expect that all but the lower end players in any company's line to possess video capability, both to draw customers and to keep list prices higher as 1GB audio-only units drop below $100.

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The 30GB iPod Video is available on Amazon


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