Three P2P Networks Hit 2 Million Simultaneous User Mark

By Richard Menta 1/24/05

As Apple touts its 250 millionth download many seem to be ignoring the fact that people trade that much music in an average week on the free P2P services. Despite the claims of the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) that their lawsuits have curtailed file trading, just the opposite is true as more people trade now than ever before.

For example, last year the eDonkey network surpassed FastTrack (KaZaa/Grokster) as the lead file sharing application. At any given instant both these two services each serve roughly 2 1/2 million users, a significant volume of traffic. Now a third network has joined their ranks.

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According to the Warez P2P network has hit the two million simultaneous user mark. This puts the service in the league of the other two networks as a major player in the P2P arena.

As Slyck describes, the network - which was primarily accessed through the Ares client then - reached 100K users around this time last year. The Wares P2P client then tripled that number to 300K three months later. Exponential growth continued with the network hitting half-a-million users by July and one million users by September.

“We are excited by the extreme growth of Warez P2P. It took only 4 months to go from 1 million to 2 million online,” Kaleb Kain, marketing director of, told Kain is expecting even further growth with the release in five months of the V.3.0 of the software.

Can Warez pass FastTrack and eDonkey? They are now only a few hundred thousand users away so the potential is clearly there. At last look on the site eDonkey was on top this week with 2,699,510 users, FastTrack second with 2,300,634 and Warez settling back a bit to 1,889,055.

The Gnutella network is fourth at 1,272,919 simultaneous users.


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