Video iPod: Speculation is Rife

By Jon Newton 7/19/05

“A video iPod would be a dumb idea for lots of reasons, some technical, some psychological. If you want to know where we're going with video playback, look not to the iPod but to its considerably less famous little brother, AirPort Express.”

Thus spake As Seen On TV in a slashdot post on the subject of, well, a video iPod, first mooted by the Wall Street Journal, which doesn't allow the unwashed onto its site unlesss they've paid for the privilege.

Jon Newton

Is it or isn’t it? Will it be, or won’t it?

MarketWatch is rooting for a fall release, quoting analysts as saying iPod, "probably has about six months of growth ahead of it before the MP3 market begins to show signs of maturity and reaches a plateau. The company, according to those analysts, will need a new hit product by early next year.

"Some speculation has grown that Apple could release a video iPod in September. If it did, the move would follow a similar one in the fall of 2004, when Apple hosted Bono and the Edge of the rock band U2 at an event launching the U2 iPod and iPod Photo players."

Newsday wonders if videos will be the apple of iPod's eye, saying nine months ago, it introduced iPod Photo. "Could an iPod Video be the next step in the popular digital music player's evolution?"

But variations of "Apple Computer recently held discussions with major recording companies" are central to all themes, with Britain's The Inquirer putting it like this:

"The frothy and light Cappuccino-based portable stereo maker, Apple wants to start flogging music videos through its online duke-box iTunes."

It goes on, "The Journal is certain that Apple has approached the four major music companies, Warner Music, EMI, Vivendi, Universal and Sony BMG to license music videos for sale through iTunes.

"The videos, which could go on sale as early as September, would likely be sold for $1.99 each. Apple is saying nothing of course, because it is just ‘rumours’ and ‘speculation’, even though the Wall Street Journal is not fond of printing such things."

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