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By Jon Newton 12/01/05

"Some people will find it wierd to imagine a world without God. In the Solipsis virtual world, you can have a local view only: no one can have a global view. It will, for example, be impossible to know exactly how many people are in Solipsis. 'Objects' and people (avatars) are the same. They run the same code. They're peers - nodes in a logical network that will spread all over the internet."

That's what Joaquin Keller told p2pnet in April about Solipsis, a dedicated p2p system for a massively shared virtual world.

Jon Newton

Now, "Down in Miami Beach today (Wednesday 30th Nov. 2005) on a street corner, in front of the Bass Museum on 2121 Park Avenue (between 21st and 22nd Streets), there is a 'happening' taking place," says Simon Edhouse in AlwaysOn.

"Its called 'The Digital Street Corner.' Its ‘Performance Art’ meets the ‘Virtual World’. Why is this interesting? Because, although the technology is young and somewhat beta-ish, it is quite likely an indicator of a major new trend."

But, "don’t expect the Ritz," warns Edhouse, adding:

"I don’t think it traverses firewalls too well. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and have yet to work out how to find another human being on the network, virtual or not. However, it did make me quite excited; because I know what it represents."

\Back in April, "Solipsis is aimed at social interaction," Keller told us. "Gaming is not the primary intended application. Most people go on MMORPG to meet people. Getting points is not the main motivation. People will interact as in Instant Messaging but with previously unknown people. Solipsis is a meeting place. People will agregate according to their interests, so there will be places to talk about sports, other to talk about music or politics."

Check out Solipsis here.


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