Samsung's Diamond Studded MP3 Player

By Richard Menta 2/13/05

I guess one way to compete with the poplarity of the iPod in the digital music player arena is to aim for exclusivity. One way to achieve exclusivity (and healthy profits per unit) is to cover said player in precious gems and minerals and charge through the nose.

A few months back we wrote about the Jens Of Sweden Excentrique MP-400, a 1GB player plated in 24K gold and selling for $1,199.00. Since Apple is selling their 1GB iPod Shuffle for $149 you can see the potential for increased margin a limited edition unit (dipped in gold) can offer.

Now mass electronics manufacturer Samsung is jumping into the low-production, high margin, specialty item game. A few weeks ago they announced at CES an MP3 player studded with diamonds.

Shaped like a pocket watch, the Samsung YP-W3 is certainly an attractive unit. In fact, the diamond studs encircle the round display with one stud for each hour on a clock.

Samsung diamond-laced YP-W3

Outside of the sharp looks there is nothing unique about the Samsung YP-W3 technically. The YP-W3 offers units with between 128 MB to 1 GB of memory and offers a built-in FM tuner along with FM and voice recording. The YP-W3 plays the MP3, WMA format. It also plays Ogg Vorbis.

Hmmm, with this unit I could be quite the fancy Ogg user as I walk down the boulevard . The Samsung YP-W3 sells for $870. Samsung has not said how many of these players will be produced, but even if the Hammacher-Schlemer set takes a shine to it the numbers should be quite limited.


The iPod Shuffle is available on Amazon

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