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By Jon Newton 10/26/05

If you’re an iPod owner, there's a better than even chance you'll repeat whatever the mainstream media and advertisers tell you.

In what amounts to the definition of an iPod owner, "Consumers who own iPods are significantly more likely to create and spread consumer-generated media (CGM) on the Internet, a trend likely to increase with the incorporation of video content into iPods,” says “buzz analytics” firm Intelliseek.

Buzz analytics, eh? Heh.

Jon Newton

"iPod users have more word-of-mouth tools at their disposal to spread opinions and reviews about their iPod experiences," says spokesman Pete Blackshaw. "Provided iPods continue to delight consumers, Apple will benefit from a growing volume of free, trusted advertising from other consumers."

According to the company's 2005 Consumer-Generated Media and Behavior Study, "while word-of-mouth recommendations from personal acquaintances carry the most weight in influencing purchases, even CGM from Internet strangers is a more powerful influence than paid advertising.”

iPod users are twice as likely to have authored a blog than consumers who don't own mp3 players, and they, "outpace" other mp3 owners on "creating and posting content online,” says Intelliseek, going on:

“ iPod users are also 2.5 times as likely to exchange text messages on cellular phones (59% vs. 24% of non-owners), three times as likely to take photos with a camera phone (45% vs. 15%), and three times as likely to download video clips and movies to a personal computer (47% versus 16%).”

Not only but also, iPod users are “product innovators, significantly more likely to own digital video recorders, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, laptop computers and cell phones than non-iPod owners".

They also tend to use broadband and wireless and are more likely than others to skip past or filter advertisements, “especially online, a behavior that may be linked as much to high usability/interface expectations as it is to a dislike of advertising”.

That’s interesting given that iPod owners are seen as terrific advertising tools in and of themselves.

Anyway, “The amount and depth of consumer-generated media about Apple products on message boards, forums, ratings sites and other CGM venues support this conclusion,” the report states.

“On blogs alone, nearly 1% of all new blog entries directly or indirectly mention iPod products, roughly equal to the total amount of online conversations citing MP3 players in general. First-person product testimonials about iPods also index highly across message boards, forums and ratings sites."

Jon Newton is the editor of p2pnet.net and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.


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