Angry Nano Owners Sue Apple

By Jon Newton 10/24/05

While the mainstream media vie with each other to come up with new headlines for Apple’s latest effort, the video iPod, a group of angry Apple customers are protesting about the shoddy quality of another Apple product with a screen – the nano.

And they’re making their outrage felt via a class-action lawsuit.

Apple says it’s so far sold more than one million nanos, but Brian Cason’s unit developed a crack on its screen, so he did a Neistat and used the Net to make his complaints heard.

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Now nano owner Jason Tomczak and “others who have purchased the device” have filed a class action in California, says Red Herring, going on, “The lawsuit alleges Mr. Tomczak rubbed a paper towel on his nano’s face and ‘that alone left significant scratches’.

“The lawsuit charges screens on the tiny flash-based digital audio players 'scratch excessively during normal usage, rendering the screen on the Nanos [sic] unreadable, and violating state consumer protection statutes… and causing Plaintiff class members to incur loss of use and monetary damages’.”

Tomczak, et al, are asking for damages including the price paid for the nanos, statutory and punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees, not to mention a share of nano profits, says Red Herring.

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