Rated "I" for Inappropriate

By Richard Menta 2/14/05

The media conglomerates can attack technology, they can shut down Web sites and they can sue users. That doesn't mean they can take away our sense of humor or open willingness to satire these industrys' intrusions into our daily lives.

In response to the movie industry's recent hijack of the LokiTorrent domain and the Motion Picture Association of America's threatening (and self-righteous) message, the site ShutThisDown.com has positioned the parody displayed on the right. It too sends a stern message, one that leverages the fact that file sharers have been a fairly adaptive lot with regards to the copyright cartel's heavy-handed attempts to disrupt their activity.

"The only way to win is to stop waging war on your own customers", says the site. "Accept the fact that we are in control, not you. You brought this on yourselves."

As heavy-handed as THAT sounds, it does make a good point. The great egalitarian movement called the Internet is voiced by consumers not suppliers. It's consumers who have been subjected to the anti-file sharing maelstrom of the MPAA and consumers who are angered by it.

Does anyone really expect them not to speak up about this? Remember, it is the consumer who invented file sharing and, essentially, all of these file sharing apps in the first place. These applications - whose continual evolution finds inspiration in the record and movie industries actions - are another form of commentary if you ask me.

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