Latest iTunes Update Brings Headaches

By Richard Menta 9/14/05

I guess I was one of the lucky ones when I tried to update my Mac to the latest version of iTunes. The program refused to update, telling me my version of the operating system did not support the upgrade. This was odd since the Mac is only several months old, but I had other things to do so I didn't push the matter. I figured I would just get to it later.

It turns out I had a lead on the fact that the latest upgrade is a buggy matter that is bringing grief to many. The headaches range from computers that crashed during install to the loss of the ability to transfer music acquired on iTunes to a user's iPod. Furthermore, most of the troubled users find they are unable to revert back to an earlier version of iTunes as a way of correcting the problem.

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Apple released a statement saying "Apple is aware that a limited number of customers are experiencing issues with installing iTunes 5...We're working to resolve this and expect to have a software update early next week."

All the more reason to wait on those upgrades until a few weeks after their release. For those who have run into difficulties one user has combined the various fixes and posted them on the Apple board.


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