iPod Adds Podcasting

By Jon Newton 6/29/05

Steve Jobs once dismissed podcasting as 'Wayne's World for radio,' but ( as O’Reilly Radar predicted) he's grabbed it notwithstanding and is now marketing it for all it's worth. Or, as the company says in its promo blurb, it's, "taking Podcasting mainstream".

Of course, it's been mainstream for quite a while.

As Wikipedia points out, in June two years ago, Canada’s Stephen Downes, “demonstrated RSS aggregation and syndication of audio files using RSS in his Ed Radio application. Ed Radio scanned RSS feeds for MP3 files, collected them into a single feed, and made this feed available as SMIL or WebJay audio feeds.”

Jon Newton

And The Guardian’s Ben Hammersley was possibly the first to use "podcasting" as a synonym for "audioblogging" or weblog-based amateur radio in an article in February 12, 2004, says Wiki.

In the meanwhile, Apple's marketing trick could, "change the face of broadcasting forever," says This is London, quoting James Beechinor-Collins, editor of gadget magazine T3:

"This is really going to be something of a saviour for many radio stations," says Beechinor-Collins. "The key is that this is easy enough for any iPod owner to use."

As Raymond Blijd wrote yesterday, "Apple took Napster and made it into the DRM invested iTunes." But, "Did Shawn Fanning ever receive a penny from Steve Jobs? No? Well, he should have."

Now Jobs is using podcasting to give iPod a boost. Will he acknowledge the unsung originators of podcasting for reviving iPod's sagging popularity? No. But he should.

Meanwhile, Apple's podcasting, "could be in a sticky situation if podcasters post copyrighted material, thanks to Monday's Grokster decision by the Supreme Court," Wired News quotes some experts as saying.

But, "others suggested Apple's new podcast hub could prove to be an ideal one-stop-shop for securing music licenses for homebrew radio shows."

Stay tuned


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