Apple iPod Phone Debuts

By Jon Newton 9/7/05

It’s now official. Apple has unmasked the Rokr E1 iPod phone hybrid ------ although it was unofficially unmasked in the Mobile Gazette on August 23 when it published what it said was the, “first official picture of the Motorola ROKR E1 (formerly the Motorola E790) that we have seen sourced directly from Motorola. This confirms that the Motorola ROKR is at least cosmetically a derivative of the E398 handset. We first showed you a sneak picture of the Motorola E790/ROKR a few months ago, and it seems to have changed little since then except for the name.”

Except that it’ll download from iTunes, of course. “The material we have seen is part of a publicity kit for the ‘Motorola ROKR Model E1’ in Russian,” said the story.

iPod Phone

“The iTunes display and dedicated key is clearly visible. Although this does not form part of an official announcement from Motorola, this is official Motorola publicity material and perhaps it indicates that the Motorola ROKR's announcement will be made quite soon.”

Meanwhile, "The Rokr will “first be available on the network of US mobile operator Cingular,” says the BBC, going on that it’ll store about 100 songs and play them out randomly like the iPod Shuffle.

Music is stored on a 512 megabyte memory card and the numbers of songs on board is capped at 100, “even if a bigger capacity card is used”.

Tunes are downloaded to it via a USB cable and users can fill it manually or use autofill to populate it with pop, says the Beeb, adding:

“The gadget is due to go on sale in Cingular stores from 8 September and is expected to cost $249.99 (£136). Buyers must commit to a two-year contract.

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